Going to my appointments was like visiting close friends and family.  Besides leaving with a beautiful smile, I get to take the great memories with me.  Dr. Bob and Company are super friendly and amazing.   P.I.

Great family practice, staff is friendly and great.  I love my smile and couldn’t ask for better service.  Thank you Dr. Bob for all you did for me!  K.S.

Dr. Ziaja, thank you! My daughter loves showing off her beautiful smile.  We are very satisfied with the treatment and the results.  You have a caring and knowledgeable team.  All around great experience.  V.B.

My daughter has a smile that lights up the room…and that was done right! No cutting corners…it was a process…but we couldn’t have asked for a more caring professional practice.  The resulting smile is amazing!  S.B.

All the way through my son’s treatment, which included a mouth injury, the care and dedication shown by Dr. Ziaja and staff left another wonderful smile!  We feel like family here R.B.

We are very happy with Dr. Bob’s service.  My son’s teeth look great.  I can’t be more pleased with the staff and atmosphere.  We enjoyed coming to our appointments.  Best of luck and we will be happy to send referrals.  F.D.

Dr. Ziaja is such a wonderful orthodontist!  Vincent’s teeth were so crooked!  My son looks amazing!  Each office visit we were greeted by smiles and an amazing staff.  Thank you!  M.M.

Dr. Ziaja and staff always treated us with respect and professional courtesy every step of the way.  They are friendly and caring, and do excellent work.  Our daughter now has a fantastic and beautiful smile.  Thanks!  A.P.

We are very pleased with Dr. Ziaja and his staff.  He did amazing work bringing down impacted eye teeth.  We will definitely refer others to Dr. Ziaja.  Thank you for a beautiful smile!!  C.D.

I can’t say enough about how amazing our son’s teeth look now.  Dr. Ziaja not only has incredible talent but also made our son feel comfortable and made each appointment enjoyable.  Thank you so much! We will recommend your office to everyone!!  Amazing!!  K.S.

They were very patient and gentle on your teeth.  A.F.

Dr. Ziaja provided excellent care to my two boys.  His practice is warm and friendly, and wait times were minimal.  I also appreciated his conservative approach to treatment.  I highly recommend Dr. Ziaja’s practice.  C.K.

Dr. Bob and his staff always ensured my well-being.  Good with appointment timings, making me feel comfortable and welcome and, of course, gave me the smile I wanted!  E.R.

We are very happy with Dr. Ziaja and his staff.  Anything we needed while our daughter was in braces…the office helped us out.  Be it supplies, consultations, or working around our schedule…Dr. Bob and his staff were great!  S.W.

We would like to thank Dr. Ziaja and his staff for their excellent care and treatment of my daughter.  Her new smile has brought back her confidence and self-esteem.  We enjoyed visiting the office and interacting with the staff.  Our questions and concerns were listened to and promptly resolved.  We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for my daughter.  L.A.

Dr. Ziaja treats his patients as family, not just another client.  The whole experience was very compassionate and caring.  N.W.

Thank you Dr. Ziaja for being so patient with treating my son.  He has a nice smile now and you and your staff are always so nice.  A.C.

Dr. Ziaja was very patient with my son and worked very hard to help create a smile my son would be proud of.  G.M.

Dr. Ziaja is one in a million.  He is very understanding towards his patients and the parents.  The outcome of your teeth is remarkable.  I would suggest him to anyone.  A.M.

The staff is kind and entertaining.  There is not a bad visit here.  My teeth turned out great.  I would not go anywhere else.  I would recommend Dr. Bob to others.  T.T.

Dr. Ziaja’s work on my daughter’s teeth has been fantastic.  He is always very kind and professional.  We could not have asked for a better orthodontist.  T.S.

Dr. Ziaja did an amazing job on my daughter’s teeth.  He is a perfectionist!  Her teeth are beautiful and we are so pleased with the result.  The entire staff is friendly and easy to work with.  V.G.

Very pleased with the outcome!! Dr. Ziaja and his staff are extremely pleasant during every visit.  Always very accommodating.  Excellent service.  I would highly recommend this practice.  Professional with a great sense of humor – perfect for all children!  Thank you!  D.R.

Dr. Bob and his staff were great to work with.  We are so happy with the outcome of our children’s smiles.  They are just beautiful.  Thank you for your time and patience.  L.F.

We found Dr. Ziaja to be a patient and caring professional.  We know our son was a challenge, and Dr. Ziaja saw the job through with wonderful results.  His skill, humor, and wit were greatly appreciated.  We would highly recommend him.  L.Z.

My experience has been incredible.  I would’ve never guessed how much TLC my mouth needed and I wouldn’t have wanted it fixed anywhere else.  I am pleased with the result.  B.T.

Awesome, professional care and treatment, easy to communicate with, and wonderful, straight teeth.  L.K.

After having two children see Dr. Ziaja in this wonderful relationship over the years, my daughters both have smiles that are brilliant..  Thank you!  S.M.

My teeth look better than all the people I know who went somewhere other than Dr. Bob’s.  I smile all the time!    Thank you.  S.N.

Fantastic service, makes you feel comfortable.  D.T.

I highly recommend Dr. Ziaja for all orthodontic needs.  His work has been praised by our family dentist.  The office has always been accommodating with scheduling appointments.  Our children have beautiful smiles!  L.H.

Thank you for helping fix my teeth.  You did a great job and despite the annoying pain after adjustments, it was usually a fun experience to go through.  C.P.

Thank you! Our children have beautiful smiles.  We love the fact that you also took the time to get to know our children on a personal level.  H.M.

The orthodontic road can be a long one (for patient and parent)!  I so appreciate the personal care Dr. Ziaja and his staff have given our family.  Honesty in treatment options, thorough explanations and confidence that a “patient first” philosophy are par for the course!  H.S.

The work I had done was amazing.  The staff was fantastic and very nice.  They were like family.  The end result was well worth it!  S.F.

I’ll admit I was a pain with breaking brackets and not wearing rubber bands, but I finally got it right and you never gave up on me.  My smile is beautiful and I can’t thank you enough!  You got to know me well and visits became very enjoyable.  I’ll miss our chemistry chats!  I don’t think I would have the same experience anywhere else.  Thanks for my smile and know that someone appreciates you!  I said it before and I’ll stick by it, you are GREAT at your job, Dr. Bob  V.G.

Our experience with Dr. Bob and staff has been great!  He really does a wonderful job and Zac has a gorgeous smile to show for it!  T.M.

I am very pleased with the service and attention we received at Dr. Robert Ziaja’s office.  They completely changed my daughter’s jaw formation by intervening at an early age.  We are very satisfied with everything Dr. Bob has done.  D.S.