All 3 of my girls needed braces and Dr. Ziaja made all their teeth beautiful.  He does it right instead of quick and easy.  He knows what he is doing!  What better testimony than my dentist sent his own kids to Dr. Ziaja.  Great work!  K.L.

Dr. Ziaja is an exceptional orthodontist!  He strives for perfection.  My daughters really enjoyed their visits with him.  K.S.

Because we opted out of jaw surgery, my daughter’s process entailed intricate mechanics over an extended period of time.  Dr. Ziaja’s knowledge of physics and his attention to details have completely transformed my daughter’s smile.  Well worth the wait! S.M.

My teeth look 100% better!  Dr. Bob did an amazing job and really worked with me on my treatment plan.  It took a while, but it was totally worth it!  K.W.

We are so happy with the time spent on “fixing the bite” and not just straightening the teeth.  My son’s smile is beautiful and well worth the time and work that went into it.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  M.D.

Dr. Ziaja is very funny and outgoing.  They are the best and will make you smile easily.  R.S.

Dr. Bob did a wonderful job with my daughter’s teeth.  He paid attention to every detail every step of the way to ensure her perfect smile.  Highly recommend Dr. Ziaja.  A.P.

Dr. Ziaja did a wonderful job for my son.  He had so many issues and you would never know – the end result was better than ever expected!!  Thanks for everything Dr. Bob and staff!!  A.B.

Both of my daughters owe their beautiful smile to Dr. Bob and his staff and now I do too!  After doing my research, I learned that Dr. Bob is not like all the other orthodontists.  His passion and his knowledge can be seen in his patient’s smiles.  He cares about his work.  A picture is worth a thousand words and your smile is in every picture.  L.H.

The smile is fantastic.  The care by Dr. Ziaja is top notch.  If I had to put another child through orthodontic care, Dr. Ziaja would be my only choice.  R.B.

Thank you for doing the impossible.  You are amazing!  L.H.

From the very beginning, Dr. Ziaja preferred to do what was right in the long run for my daughter’s treatment.  Not the fast route, but the one that will have lasting results.  Her beautiful smile at the end of this journey has been worth the wait.  Thank you!  G.H.

My daughter has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Bob.  She gets a lot of compliments now.  It was definitely worth it!  Thanks to Dr. Ziaja and staff!  A.P.

My son’s smile is full and straight.  When we came here our focus was on saving a crowded tooth.  I never dreamed his smile would have turned out this perfect.  I see others who have had braces and their smiles are narrow and don’t always line up.  Dr. Ziaja is the difference that makes the Dr. Ziaja difference.  I refer everyone I know to him.  D.R.

Dr. Ziaja did a great job straightening my son’s teeth and giving him a beautiful smile,  T.C.

Dr. Bob was fabulous!  I have two girls with beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Bob and his wonderful staff.  He is knowledgeable and patient.  He is a pleasure to work with!  N.L.

Dr. Bob is fantastic !  We love him.  My son’s teeth needed lots of help and now they are perfect!  Thank you Dr. Bob!  L.P.

I could not be happier with my smile.  I really enjoyed my time with Dr. Bob.  I would highly recommend him to everyone, child and adult.  Thank you for my amazing smile!  Go Blue!  J.K.

End result was well worth it!  A.S.

My teeth look really good.  Well worth the time, money, and effort!  M.D.

Thank you so much for doing my daughter’s teeth.  I couldn’t have asked for a more well done job.  Thank you for being so patient with her.  K.K.

Kaitlyn’s teeth exceeded our expectations.  The best part is what we were told is what we experienced.  Dr. Bob and staff are very personable and professional at the same time.  Dr. Bob treated my daughter’s teeth how he would work on his own daughter.  This was the best experience and results I could have imagined.  T.S.

We truly appreciate the time and detail spent on improving our daughter’s overall smile.  We are very impressed with her results.  J.S.

Dr. Bob did an amazing job giving me a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.   His hard work and dedication paid off.  I am confident with my new smile and constantly get compliments on how nice it looks.  R.U.

My daughter’s teeth look so beautiful.  She is loving showing off her new smile.  hank you for doing an amazing job on her!  S.E.

Thank you for giving my daughter a beautiful smile.  Your expertise and dedication to patient care is incredible.  : )  L.M.

Three kids with three beautiful smiles!  Thank you Dr. Ziaja!  H.M.

The time spent at the office was well worth it when my son smiles his awesome smile!  J.H.

I came in with a messed up jaw and teeth and they made it look like it never happened.  Great job Dr. Bob.  L.M.

My daughter’s teeth look real nice.  Dr. Ziaja did a fine job!  M.P.

The orthodontic road can be a long one (for patient and parent)!  I so appreciate the personal care Dr. Ziaja and his staff have given our family.  Honesty in treatment options, thorough explanations and confidence that a “patient first” philosophy are par for the course!  H.S.

The work really pays off.  They are great people to have when it comes to fixing teeth.  I would not go anywhere else.  N.D.

Dr. Ziaja is very dedicated to his work and takes no shortcuts to achieve what is the very best for his patients.  T.M.

The difference is amazing! Dr. Ziaja did an excellent job correcting Emily’s teeth and was a pleasure to work with!  His attention to detail was impressive and the end result is priceless, her beautiful smile!  Thank you for making the process a wonderful experience!  M.M.

If you wanna look like Hollywood, go see my man Dr. Ziaja.  M.P.

Dr. Ziaja did a wonderful job correcting my daughter’s bite and teeth.  They were a mess when she started and now she has a beautiful smile.  The office is very friendly and accommodating, which is also refreshing.  S.T.

Dr. Ziaja was so patient with me during my treatment when I didn’t do what I was supposed to do.  He motivated me to wear my rubber bands and take care of my teeth.  Now my braces are off and I am amazed at how wonderful they look.  I am so much more confident with my beautiful teeth.  Thank you for the great job Dr. Bob!  M.W.

Thanks for my perfect teeth Dr. Bob!  Y.H.