The Best Orthodontist

We have put three of our kids through orthodontics with Dr. Ziaja.  I am in the dental field and he is the BEST!!!  M.M.

When it comes to orthodontists, Dr. Ziaja is hands down the best.  I had multiple issues with my teeth, jaw and bite.  I am an older adult and felt there wasn’t much hope at my age to correct my issues and achieve a healthy, terrific smile.  I was wrong.  Dr. Ziaja and his incredibly committed and friendly staff worked with me through the entire process and achieved my goal and beyond of having a healthy, terrific smile.  Dr. Ziaja is a forthright thorough perfectionist and when it comes to any issue with your body, especially how important oral health is today, he is the orthodontist you want.  Dr. Ziaja and staff treated me as if I was their only patient, in fact I felt like “family”.  They encouraged, explained and reassured me through my entire process.  I highly recommend Dr. Ziaja to anyone, of any age, that is considering or in need of orthodontic treatment.  I am extremely grateful to Dr. Ziaja and his staff.  Dr. Ziaja is truly an expert in his field. D.T. 

Brandon’s teeth look beautiful!  He had some challenging orthodontic problems, but under the care of Dr. Bob and staff my expectations were exceeded!  Great job Dr. Bob!  B.S.

I will never forget you.  Thank you for being the best at what you do!  R.T.

A beautiful smile!  The end result was worth the wait.  Dr. Ziaja is a marvelous orthodontist. S.S.

Wonderful results.  Josh was facing possible surgery because of the shape of his mouth.  Dr. Ziaja worked magic to transform Josh’s smile.  I appreciated the individualized treatment customized to Josh’s needs.  Dr. Ziaja and his staff provided excellent care.  J.A.

Dr. Ziaja is simply the best!  He takes perfect care and will mold your teeth into something to smile about.  I was voted best smile LHN Class of 2008.  They still look great so many years later.  A.F.

We found out about Dr. Ziaja from our general dentist and have been pleased with our decision to have both of our boys treated here.  We have always been treated so well…like family…and the results have been wonderful!  R.S.

My sons have awesome smiles and their teeth are unbelievably beautiful.  When we started, I never believed they could look this good.  Dr. Bob did a great job.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.  My children had jaw and teeth problems that have all been corrected beautifully!  P.R.

I would like to thank Dr. Ziaja and staff for the excellent care and treatment of my daughter Sydney.  Her new smile has brought back her confidence and self-esteem.  We enjoyed visiting the office and interacting with the doctor and staff.  Our questions and concerns were listened to and promptly resolved.  We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for my daughter.  L.A.

Dr. Ziaja is a wonderful orthodontist.  He has done wonders with both of my daughter’s teeth.  I highly recommend him.  S.T.

Dr. Bob and staff are miracle workers!  Their professional and thorough work and care are literally second to none and have transformed my teeth and smile from something I was embarrassed about to my best feature!  Thanks for fixing my grill!  M.S.

When I am out in public and see a beautiful smile I know that Dr. Bob Ziaja was the orthodontist.  I know his great work.  My teeth are still perfect over twelve years later.  A.F.

Dr. Ziaja goes above and beyond.  He works to perfection.  Dr. Ziaja has been a blessing in our lives.  A.H.

My smile looks beautiful and now my teeth actually meet like they are supposed to when I bite down!  Dr. Bob is “THE MAN!”    C.D.

Dr. Ziaja thank you for everything!  Samantha’s teeth and smile are amazing.  I know she wasn’t always the most compliant patient, but you did an awesome job!  Thank you!  S.C.

I now have a beautiful smile after years of braces, an expander and retainers, and it was all worth it.  I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful orthodontist who made my teeth perfect!   G.T.

Simply the best.  Great results and great to work with. Perfection.  L.S.

Dr. Ziaja and his staff set up a very realistic time frame for our daughter’s treatment…The result was fantastic and she couldn’t be happier with her smile…definitely the best!  H.G.

Dr. Bob did a fantastic job on my teeth.  I couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist.  E.K.

Brandon’s teeth look beautiful!  He had some challenging orthodontic problems but all my expectations were exceeded under the excellent care of Dr. Ziaja and staff.  R.S.

My son’s teeth turned out beautiful.  His smile really lights up his face.  It was a long process but well worth the wait.  We really appreciate Dr. Ziaja’s expertise. 

I’m glad we came to Dr. Bob.  If you want to have excellent work done, this is the place to go.  You’ll be happy with the results.  B.P.

Dr. Bob and staff are amazing!  They were always answering questions about treatment.  Any time I had a hard time getting my son to brush, they helped and joked with us both.  I am so happy with the outcome and the change in my son’s smile!  H.A.

Dr. Bob was very patient with my daughter.  We found he wanted the same outcome we did…a beautiful smile.  Thought he was so good that my whole family takes their kids to him.  Also love the staff.  Thanks!  D.H.

Dr. Bob is the BEST!  J.G.

Dr. Ziaja goes above and beyond.  He is a perfectionist.  Dr. Ziaja has been a blessing in our lives.  L.H.

My smile is everything I hoped for and more!  I loved what Dr. Ziaja did.  I would recommend him to everyone.  K.H.

She hasn’t stopped smiling since the braces were removed!  Her teeth look like she’s in a beauty pageant.  The best orthodontist ever!  S.S.

Lauren has one of the most beautiful smiles around, thanks to Dr. Ziaja and his staff.  As an adult, some fifteen years after braces, she is a confident career woman.  I feel her orthodontic work played a significant part in that.  Thank you, Dr. Ziaja and staff.  Always professional, courteous, and friendly.  We were treated like family!  K.A.

I’m so glad we chose you, Dr. Ziaja, as our orthodontist.  You do amazing work.  Now my family pictures look great!  B.E.

Dr. Ziaja provided outstanding professional services to both my children.  He worked his “magic” well.  We couldn’t be happier – the results are truly amazing.  His attention to detail, professional demeanor and expertise combine to offer the absolute best orthodontic care available.  N.N.

Dr. Bob did an amazing job on my teeth!  I am so pleased with the result and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  Even though I was probably a horrible patient, they stuck with me and saw it through to the end.  I’m glad I had a great orthodontist.  M.R.

My child began having issues with her teeth at age 6.  My dentist was not even sure if anything could be done without pulling teeth.  He was very impressed with Dr. Bob’s ability to straighten her teeth.  She went from having very crooked teeth with permanent teeth hooked on top of other permanent teeth to a beautiful smile.  She is my fourth child in treatment with Dr. Ziaja.  They all have beautiful smiles!  P.J.

After all the years and complaints from my daughter, to see how happy she is with her teeth and how beautiful they turned out, I could not be happier!  It seemed like an endless process at times, but we trusted Dr. Bob that he knew exactly what the best course of action was for my child.  The results prove he is the BEST!  Thank you!  R.D.

I knew we were in good hands when our oral surgeon told us that nothing but perfection comes out of Dr. Ziaja’s office.  He was right!  K.T.

I am very happy with how my smile turned out.  Thank you Dr. Ziaja for my wonderful smile!  You’re the best.  J.M.

Dr. Bob did a fantastic job on my teeth.  I couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist.  E.K.

Dr. Ziaja is one in a million.  He is very understanding towards his patients and parents.  The outcome of your teeth is remarkable.  I would suggest him to anyone.  A.M

I’m very pleased with Dr. Ziaja’s work; my teeth couldn’t have come out any better!  N.D.

Very pleased with my beautiful smile!  S.W.

I have a beautiful smile due to Dr. Bob’s amazing work!  A.H.