Beautiful Smile, Love the Results

My expectations have truly been exceeded!  My daughter’s teeth are amazing and her smile is gorgeous.  She is so happy with herself as it has really boosted her confidence.  I would highly recommend Dr. Ziaja and his staff.  Thank you for making my daughter beautiful!  B.B.

I want to thank Dr. Ziaja and staff for the wonderful work they do.  I am amazed at the transformation of my smile.  When I look in the mirror, I can’t believe how nice my teeth look.  I wish I hadn’t stalled the process for so long.  Please know your hard work is appreciated.  K.C.

My daughter’s smile turned out beautiful and well worth the wait!! So grateful for your hard work.  Thank you so much!  N.D.

My daughter’s teeth are perfect.  Dr. Z did a great job.  Her smile is spectacular.  Thanks for a job well done.  R.N.

I had jaw surgery and the process is 100% worth it.  I love my smile and my profile!  M.H.

My son’s teeth were turned 180 degrees and he had a narrow palate.  Dr. Ziaja took the time needed to give him a beautiful smile.  We are very happy with the results.  T.C.

My teeth look amazing and now  I feel great about myself every time I laugh.  Thank you so much!  M.D.

My smile is so pretty I won Prom Queen!  Thank you Dr. Bob.  S.W.

Dr. Ziaja has done a wonderful job with my son and daughter’s teeth.  Their smiles look outstanding.  I would highly recommend him.  D.M.

Both our daughters are patients of Dr. Bob and their teeth have come out great.  They both have beautiful smiles!  We would highly recommend him.  D.M.

I love my new smile.  I used to hate smiling at people because my teeth were so messed up but now they are beautiful and I want to show them off.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  J.K.

It has been a long road to getting my daughter’s braces off but in the long run, her smile is worth it!  The care from Dr. Ziaja and staff has always been friendly, helpful, and with lots of T.L.C.!   B.F.

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Bob since she was 4 years old.  We were referred to him by her pediatric dentist.  Dr. Bob fixed her spacing problems.  He created a plan which resulted in a beautiful smile!  We have been very pleased with his caring, compassionate manner.  I can without a doubt highly recommend Dr. Bob Ziaja as an outstanding orthodontist!  A.S.

My teeth look great, I highly recommend Dr. Ziaja.  #wasnotpaid  S.M.

Dr. Ziaja and staff have done a great job on my son’s teeth. We did not need to have teeth pulled or a facemask because my son followed the directions given by Dr. Ziaja.  A nice cost savings!  Thanks Dr. Bob.  K.M.

I love my beautiful new smile.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  A.B.

I LOVE my teeth.  Dr. Bob and staff are fabulous!  B.B.

We have had 4 kids with braces done by Dr. Ziaja.  They all turned out beautiful and get compliments all the time!  I would highly recommend.  R.D.

My son has always had a beautiful smile, but now his teeth look beautiful too!  I never tire of seeing that smile.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  B.J.

My teeth feel great after treatment!  Dr. Bob and his staff are friendly and professional.  I would recommend Dr. Bob to anyone looking for a beautiful smile!  M.D.

My daughter’s smile looks amazing.  We are very happy with the final results after braces.  She looks beautiful and her profile has even changed for the better after treatment.  Thank you Dr. Bob and staff.  K.M.

My daughter’s smile is beautiful, you could see her confidence soar the day she got her braces off.  Thank you Dr. Ziaja.  M.F.

My daughter’s smile is amazing.  What a difference!  Great Results!  H.N.

My son’s teeth look really nice!  He couldn’t be happier with the results.  K.P.

Dr. Ziaja was extremely thorough to make sure everything fit correctly.  I am very happy with the results.  Highly recommend him for braces.  A.S.

Dr. Bob was a miracle worker when it came to my teeth.  My teeth did not look bad, but my jaw was crooked.  It truly bothered me.  It even caused bad earaches for a while.  Within months after getting my braces, my earaches and headaches were reduced and then completely gone by halfway through.  It was truly a blessing.  I was the client who asked a million questions and was amazed by the knowledge I gained at every visit.  I have relatives who went somewhere else and their teeth do not look as good as mine.  I am so glad I chose Dr. Ziaja to fix my smile.

Dr. Ziaja’s work exceeded all of my expectations.  The result of his attention to detail is a smile I will be proud of for many years to come.  I am grateful to have gone to an orthodontist who can produce such results.  L.P.

We are absolutely pleased with our daughter’s results!  Her smile is even more beautiful than we imagined.  Love to see her confidence soar… now to keep those boys away!  T.A.

I love my smile a lot more now that I am no longer embarrassed to laugh or smile in public.  I’m much less self-conscious.  Thanks for a great smile Dr. Bob!  A.G.

I am amazed and overjoyed with how my teeth turned out.  Dr. Bob did a spectacular job.  Nothing makes me happier than getting compliments on my teeth.  K.A.

My son’s teeth look amazing!  He gets many compliments on his beautiful smile.  Thank you Dr. Ziaja!  M.A.

We are thrilled with our daughter’s beautiful smile!  Thank you for being so thorough in your care.  Your dedication to your patients is outstanding.  J.B.

I love my new smile.  I did not imagine ever having teeth that look this good.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  J.M.

My teeth used to be completely out of line.  Now I get compliments on my smile all the time.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  N.W.

Thank you Dr. Ziaja for my beautiful smile!!! R.G.

I’m very pleased with Dr. Ziaja’s work.  My teeth could not have come out any better!  N.D.

My teeth look picture perfect.  K.B.

Dr. Bob and staff have always been professional and friendly.  We have trusted in Dr. Bob, his expertise and the time it has taken to get to the end result and are very pleased with the outcome.  M.V.

I love my beautiful teeth!  S.S.

I am very proud of the perfect work done on my daughter’s teeth.  It is so great to see her show her teeth when she smiles.  Thanks Dr. Ziaja!  S.S.

Dr. Ziaja and staff are THE BEST!  Look no further.  Experienced, friendly, caring individuals who care about your child and producing the best results to last a lifetime.  S.A.

My teeth look amazing.  G.L.

They really cared about the final product instead of focusing on a time frame.  My bite is perfect and my teeth are awesome now!  I really appreciate all they did to benefit my smile.  P.N.

My daughter’s orthodontic treatment was very smooth through the process and the end result one big beautiful smile.  S.B.

Our daughter’s teeth are absolutely beautiful.  We could not have asked for better results.  The proof is in her smile.  B.B.

I love when I look in the mirror and smile and see my perfect teeth!  We love Dr. Bob!  S.E.

I love my teeth.  They complete my image as a young man.  The process was well worth it.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  A.B.

Thanks to Dr. Ziaja and his wonderful staff for my daughter’s beautiful smile!  Awesome!!!  J.D.

Dr. Ziaja’s diligence, patience, and attention to detail has led to a beautiful result and a great smile.  J.A.

Dr. Ziaja and his staff have done a remarkable job.  We are very happy with the end result.  L.F.

My daughter’s teeth are wonderful. Great Job, I love her smile!  S.K.

My son’s bottom teeth were twisted backwards!  Dr. Bob was able to twist his teeth around for a nice smile!  T.M.

I think my teeth look great!  K.C.

I am glad my braces were able to fix my teeth so that I am no longer the most awkward looking person in pictures anymore.  Thanks Dr. Ziaja.  B.V.

Great treatment, especially considering how awful I was at following the rules and what I was supposed to do.  My teeth look great!  S.C.

My smile has gained me new found confidence.  G.M.

Thank you for the treatment for my son’s jaw and smile.  We are so happy with the results.  It was a good investment to get great results!  K.M.

My daughter’s teeth look amazing.  Thank you to Dr. Bob and staff for your excellent care.  M.M.

Dr. Bob is a wonderful orthodontist!  After all of the work he did, I now have perfect teeth.  I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Robert Ziaja and his staff…my siblings and I have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Bob!  K.B.

I am highly pleased with my smile.  M.T.

Dr. Ziaja and his team are great!  They were patient, kind, and a pleasure to work with.  I couldn’t be happier with the results and the journey to get there.  D.E.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My daughter’s smile is beautiful.  We appreciate the excellent care she received.  We are thankful for finding Dr. Ziaja.  Two beautiful smiles done and one more to go!  L.M.

I’m really happy with my smile now.  Dr. Ziaja totally changed how I looked, from massive overbite to straight teeth.  It was well worth the time it takes to do it right.  I’m very appreciative.  E.D.

I like my teeth.  It turned out better than I thought it would.  J.L.

My daughter’s teeth look beautiful.  I am so thankful to Dr. Ziaja for making her teeth perfect.  She has a beautiful smile and is so happy.  Thank you!  Z.V.

Dr. Bob and his team are awesome.  They are a great help to kids as they are dealing with their orthodontic issues.  I am so grateful we found them!  They work miracles here.  T.M.

I am extremely happy with the way my son’s teeth turned out.  He has a beautiful smile.  D.G.

I was told this would be a challenging treatment and we had challenges along the way!  Dr. Ziaja and his staff never gave up on me and my goals for my smile!  We were together for five years and the results are nothing but FANTASTIC!  I am so pleased!  This office is amazing.  You will not be disappointed here!  Persistence has been key!  K.S.

My teeth are hot!  Thank you Dr. Bob and staff.  S.L.

I really like how nice my teeth look – very professional results.  A.C.

I love my new teeth.  Dr. Ziaja did an awesome job!  C.R.

My daughter’s smile is beautiful.  Dr. Ziaja did a wonderful job.  They are very kind and thorough. I would highly recommend them.  C.B.

Awesome!  Thank you for your attention to detail.  Much appreciated.  V.G.

We are very happy with our son’s results.. Dr. Bob and staff were great to know!  We would recommend to our friends.  S.S.

It’s finally perfect thanks to Dr. Bob!  J.D.

Thanks for my son’s beautiful smile.  I really wanted to thank you for all your patience over the years.  Boys aren’t always the best patients, but your sense of humor kept my son and me from losing our minds over his braces!  J.M.

Thank you Dr. Ziaja for giving me a beautiful smile that I’m constantly getting compliments on!  J.K.

Dr. Bob has done an amazing job.  I look and feel more comfortable with my new “smile”.  It took a while, but definitely was worth the time.  Thanks to you and your staff for always making me smile!  L.C.

I love them (my teeth) lots.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  A.M.

Dr. Ziaja has made my smile absolutely perfect!  I get so many compliments on how straight my teeth are.  I would recommend him to anyone who wants a perfect smile!  K.M.

Dr. Ziaja did a wonderful job transforming my daughter’s smile into something she is proud of.  J.M.

My daughter’s teeth look amazing!  We were looking at old pictures before the braces and were in awe at the incredible transformation of her teeth.  Thank you Dr. Ziaja and staff for doing such beautiful work.  J.K.

I love my teeth!  They are amazing and I feel like a million bucks when I smile with my perfectly straight and beautiful teeth.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  E.G.

Thanks for the time you took to make my teeth look better.  I like how everyone was really friendly.  B.P.

It was so amazing to see my daughter’s transformation with her smile.  She looks lovely!  Her confidence has increased because of her smile and she smiles a lot more now.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  J.D.

I would like to thank you for making my son’s teeth look so good.  I am amazed to see his smile and how nice his teeth look.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you.  M.L.

I now have PERFECT, straight teeth thanks to Dr. Bob!!  Just follow what he tells you to do and you can get them off quickly!! T.W.

Dr. Bob and staff are fantastic.  My daughter’s smile is beautiful and her confidence is soaring!  Thank you for a fantastic job!  K.R

My son is very happy with his smile which makes me very happy.  We are very pleased with the results.  Much thanks to Dr. Bob and staff!  L.C.

I am very happy with the results!  S.C.

Everything came out great.  My son is very happy with his smile.  C.M.

My smile is absolutely beautiful.  It took a lot of time and hard work.  I just can’t stop smiling!  A.J.

I love my smile!  It is way better than before.  I am extremely happy with the way it turned out.  K.S.

Steven’s smile is gorgeous1  thank you sooo much for all you have done!  God’s blessing to you, your staff, and family.  S.C.

My daughter has a beautiful smile.  Thank you for your perfectionist approach with her bracework!  S.C.

I luv my teeth!  C.G.

I love my new smile!  T.W.

What a wonderful change in my son’s smile!  Thank you Dr. Bob for transforming my son’s look!  N.P.

Thank you so much Dr. Ziaja and staff!  You did an amazing job.  I can’t stop smiling!  K.B .

Zachary’s teeth are beautiful!!  C.K.

The time and perfection Dr. Ziaja took with Morgan was amazing.  B.F.

Very good job.  I love my teeth and am very happy I came here to fix them.  M.I.

Sarah’s teeth are even straighter than we thought they would be.  Dr. Ziaja did an outstanding job.  P.L.

It has been a long road but his teeth look great!!  K.G.

Love my beautiful smile.  I will be looking forward to showing it off on my wedding day.  A.E

Thanks for fixing my very “special” teeth.  They look great!   N.U.

Dr. Ziaja did a great job making my child’s smile beautiful!  Thank you Dr. Bob.  C.A.

The process was long, but now I can finally look in a mirror and see a perfect smile where at one time there was not a perfect smile.  N.H.

Beautiful smile and great treatment!  E.D.

We are very happy her beautiful smile.  Thank you for your patience.  M.M.

It was so worth coming here!!  After I got my braces off, all I heard was how great my teeth look!  R.A.

Thanks for the nice grill!  B.M.

Thanks for everything.  My teeth look amazing.  With Dr. Ziaja, I was able to avoid jaw surgery.  S.L.

Great job!  B.B.

All I can say is beautiful.  Awesome job, Dr. Bob!  S.Z.

My new smile is as pretty as ever, and it wouldn’t be this way without Dr. Ziaja’s patience and genius orthodontic techniques.  N.R.

My daughter’s teeth are her best feature thanks to Dr. Bob and staff.  Thanks for being patient when my daughter took her time wearing her rubber bands.  A.L.

I love my smile now!!  When we first began I never thought my teeth would ever be straight.  Now they are amazing!  Dr. Bob did an amazing wonderful job on my teeth, I recommend everyone to go to him!  P.S. – wear your rubber bands!!  Dr. Bob definitely knows what he is talking about.  Thank you so much!  J.S.

Without Dr. Ziaja’s help, my son would have never been so confident showing off his teeth.  Now, his teeth are straight, he smiles to everyone.  Dr. Ziaja has a lot of patience.  E.C.

Dr. Ziaja turned her overbite and crowded teeth into a beautiful smile.  B.B.

Kelly looks in the mirror all the time.  I have to tell her that we know her teeth are perfect, stop looking in the mirror.  Now she smiles more than ever before!!  Thank you Dr. Ziaja.  M.A.

We love Paul’s smile!  A.L.

Andrew’s smile looks great.  It was worth all the work.  A.M.

Kids come out of here looking like Hollywood.  M.P.

Thank you!  My teeth look great!  And I look good! J  A.N.

Just want to say thank you Dr. Ziaja for doing such a great job on Jaimie’s teeth.  She now has a million dollar smile.  J.K.

Thank you for a great job!!  K.R.

Our experience with Dr. Bob has been great!  He really does a wonderful job and our son has a wonderful smile to show for it.  Z.M.

It was an enjoyable experience and my teeth are perfect!  My dentist always compliments me on my teeth.  C.P.

Dr. Ziaja wants each child’s smile to shine through with perfection.  I like the way he takes the time, even when it is longer than most orthodontic treatment.  The staff is great.  Thank you for making our son’s smile shine through.  B.F.

We are very pleased with the results.  Our son now smiles with confidence and doesn’t hide his smile.  Thank you to Dr. Ziaja and his staff for a terrific job!!  We really appreciate all the time and effort spent on our son!  D.S.

I love my smile. Thank you Dr. Bob  – all the time was worth it.  I love you!  M.W.

Dr. Ziaja put braces on me and changed my smile forever!  I smile most of the time anyway and now I can smile with confidence knowing that my smile is beautiful!  I was so impressed with the professionalism at Dr. Ziaja’s office that my daughter is now a patient and she loves him!  L.P.

The results far exceeded my expectations!  K.S.

Dr. Ziaja does wonderful work.  My oldest son has a bright beautiful smile and my youngest son is beginning the process.  K.C.

Dr. Ziaja made me look like a completely new person. J M.M.

Thank you for doing the impossible.  You are amazing! J  L.H.

Thank you for my beautiful smile.  My mother in the old country won’t even recognize me.  I’m thankful my spaces could be closed so I did not need new bridges.  H.M.

My daughter has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Bob.  She gets a lot of compliments now.  It was definitely worth it!  Thank you!  A.P.

It was a long process, but worth the final results.  My daughter has not stopped looking at her teeth and smiling.  M.E.

Thank you so much Dr. Bob for the amazing miracle you performed on my jacked up teeth.  My smile is now better than I ever imagined!  S.T.

I love my teeth now!  My smile is beautiful!  J.K.

Dr. Ziaja did a wonderful job for my son.  He had so many issues and you would never know – the end result was better than we ever expected!  Thanks for everything Dr. Bob.  A.B.

Dr. Ziaja and his staff have given my daughter such a beautiful smile and a ton of confidence she has never had before.  Thank you.  H.K.

When I first came to Dr. Bob, my teeth weren’t even considered a smile…they were so messed up, but now I have an amazing, beautiful smile, all thanks to Dr. Bob.  S.N.

It was well worth the time.  The end result turned out amazing! M.R.

I’m glad we came to Dr. Bob.  If you want to have excellent work done, this is THE PLACE to go.  You will be happy with the results. A.P.

All I can say is beautiful.  Awesome job, Dr. Bob.  S.Z.

My daughter’s teeth look beautiful.  I am so thankful Dr. Ziaja made her teeth perfect.  She has a beautiful smile and is so happy!  J.V.

My teeth are beautiful and I love them!  You did a wonderful job and I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work and your time!  A.S.

Wonderful results!  Our son and daughter look and feel great about themselves and their smiles.  T. O.

My daughter’s teeth are wonderful.  Great job!  Love them.  S.K.

All of the time and, as my son would say, the torture, was worth it.  His smile is beautiful, but more importantly, his bite and speech are corrected.  Every visit we made to our general dentist elicited a comment about how well my son’s teeth were progressing.  Thank you!  It was a long process, but a great success.  L.M.

Getting my braces on at the age of 40 was scary, but after seeing the results, it was well worth it.  Dr. Bob was great through all of it with me.  K.E.

Awesome! I love my teeth J  L.F.

Our daughter’s teeth are absolutely beautiful!  We could not have asked for better results.  The proof is in her smile.  B.B.

My smile turned out great.  I will be smiling all the time thanks to you!  T.V.

Thanks to Dr. Ziaja, my daughter’s smile is gorgeous.  I cannot get her to stop smiling.  You are awesome!  Y.H.

What can I say?  All the smiles that leave here look like HOLLYWOOD!  What an awesome accomplishment! M.P.

After going through braces, I am amazed to see my smile in the mirror now.  I remember always walking into Dr. Ziaja’s office having to sign in, with a picture of my very first visit on the screen, and being embarrassed of my picture.  Now I can’t stop smiling and I feel like a brand new person!  I will always smile to everyone without thinking twice.  Thanks Dr. Ziaja.  K.Z.

My oldest daughter’s treatment was lengthy because of her crossbite.  We have trusted Dr. Ziaja to the fullest and now her smile and bite are perfect!  Our next child started treatment with Dr. Ziaja.  We are confident she will turn out perfect too!  B.N.

Dr. Bob and staff were great to work with.  We are so happy with the outcome of our daughter’s smile.  It is just beautiful.  Thank you for your time and patience.  L.F.

Dr. Ziaja is an exceptional orthodontist!  He strives for perfection and my daughters really enjoyed their visits with him.  K.S.

Great work!  S.M

Thanks to Dr. Bob and his staff, I now have a smile that I could’ve only dreamed of before.  He truly takes the time to make sure every single detail is perfect.  The treatment was lengthy, but so worth the time.  I don’t think I will ever stop smiling.  L.B.

A beautiful smile! We are very happy with the results.  M.M.

Thank you so much Dr. Ziaja.  I’m really happy that my teeth look great now!  J.A.

I’m very satisfied with how my teeth turned out.  They look so much better!  J.K.

Dr. Bob and staff were excellent to work with and did a great job fixing our daughter’s teeth and smile.  J.

Dr. Bob did a wonderful job on my daughter’s complicated case.  Dr. Ziaja and staff worked with us on each step of the process so we were comfortable with what was going on.  J.C.

Dr. Ziaja takes his time with each patient to make sure their smile is the best it can be.  M.L.

Dr. Bob has been wonderful!  The boys just love him.  R.F.

Dr. Ziaja and staff have given our daughters excellent care and beautiful smiles!  We appreciate your dedication and commitment to excellence.  With gratitude  D.F.

Dr. Ziaja and staff were great to work with.  We are so happy with the outcome, it is just beautiful!  Thank you for your time and patience.  L.F.

Thanks to Dr. Ziaja, I have a beautiful smile that I love!  My perfect teeth make me feel so confident.  Dr. Ziaia is amazingJ  Y.H.

Dr. Ziaja and staff did an awesome job on my son’s teeth.  Always enjoyed coming in and talking to the staff, very friendly and GREAT job!  N.K.

Thank you Dr. Ziaja and staff for making our orthodontic experience pleasant and mostly pain-free.  Ronald’s teeth came out  perfect.  I would recommend you to family and friends.  Great Job.  J.S.

My son’s teeth look so nice!  We all think he has a great smile.  A.P.

I’m very pleased with my beautiful smile!  S.W.

I have a beautiful smile due to Dr. Bob’s amazing work!  A.H.

Everything was good with fixing my messed up teeth.  They look great!  Thanks Dr. Bob.  M.V.

I thought that when my braces came off my teeth would look good, and they do.  Thanks Dr. Bob!  🙂  S.B.