The Ziaja Difference

The Ziaja Difference is personalized care for discriminating families desiring detailed and thorough care.  We are committed to the highest quality orthodontic treatment combining clinical excellence with personalized care.

The Ziaja Difference is Dr. Ziaja performs the treatment on each patient at every appointment, not the staff.  He never leaves the important work of his treatment to others.  You are paying for the Doctor to do your treatment and that is what you get at Dr. Ziaja’s.

The Ziaja Difference is unsurpassed Quality.  We go beyond “just straightening” the teeth.  Our goal is to straighten the teeth and fix the bite so the final result lasts longer. Straightening teeth is cosmetic.  Fixing a bite is for a lifetime.  Achieving the “PERFECT BITE” is critical to long-term stability and long-term health!  A bite that fits together properly aids in protection from TMJ problems

The Ziaja Difference is something special about a Dr. Ziaja smile — the teeth fit exactly together, resulting in a beautiful flash of a broad, white smile.  The PERFECT BITE” is critical to long-term stability and long-term health!

The Ziaja Difference is individualized therapy to effectively work with each child’s growth and development with the goal of avoiding extraction of permanent teeth and surgery.

The Ziaja Difference is progress x-rays taken during treatment to better align the roots of the teeth in the bone for better long term stability.

The Ziaja Difference is all second molars are included in the treatment, aligned, and properly fit into the bite.  YES, it makes a real difference if not properly aligned!  Not banding them can create problems if they do not fit together after they are fully erupted.

The Ziaja Difference is a thorough review of your treatment needs and options.  We don’t just tell you one option.  Will discuss multiple options and their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make the an informed decision.  An informed decision is the best decision.

The Ziaja Difference is using the latest techniques and state of the art brackets and wires so that treatment time is quicker and the number of office visits needed is decreased.

The Ziaja Difference is long term stability.  Visit our Results that Last Gallery to see the stability of our orthodontic treatment 5 to 20 years after treatment was completed.  Doing it right really makes a difference.

The Ziaja Difference is an open and informative approach to treatment.  We welcome questions.

The Ziaja Difference is affordable, interest-free payment plans, free examinations, and convenient hours.

The Ziaja Difference is graduating first in his class from the University of Michigan, School of Dentistry.

The Ziaja Difference is being one of the few American Board of Orthodontics Diplomates in Oakland and Macomb Counties.

The Ziaja Difference is being a member of Ascension-Crittenton Hospital’s medical staff.

The Ziaja Difference is being voted as one of the best orthodontists in the Detroit Area, in Hour Magazine, Styleline Magazine, and TOP DENTIST, by the dentists and dental specialists in the area.

We want you to LOVE your smile because Your Smile is one of your most important features.