It was all worth it.  They were there every step of the way and I am so thankful for that!  Worth the Time to do it Right

It took a lot of hard work but I finally have the smile I’ve always wanted!  A.P.

I have brought all three of my daughters to Dr. Ziaja.  After ten years of appointments, expanders, spacers, braces, and retainers, I would recommend Dr. Bob and his professional staff to every patient in need of great service.  My girls look beautiful and it was worth every minute, tear, dollar, and smile!  S.P.

Looking back at how terrible my teeth were before Dr. Bob fixed them, I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!  Two phases of treatment over several years totally worth it, no doubt!  E.D.

I started out with some very messed up teeth and even though it was a long process, it was worth it!  My teeth are perfect now.  In the beginning, they said I may even need surgery to correct it.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen.  My teeth are straight and I love my smile!  Thank you Dr. Bob and staff, you are truly miracle workers.  R.M.

My son’s smile looks great!  He looked handsome before his braces and even more handsome now that his teeth are straight.  He smiles more often now.  It was worth it!  K.P.

I love how you guys never gave up on my mouth until you thought everything was absolutely perfect.  I definitely made the right choice coming to you, and it was worth every penny.  K.B.

The process takes time, money and effort…but the result’s worth it.  Wonderful doctor!  All three of my kids came here and now all have beautiful teeth.  R.B.

I am so glad about how my teeth turned out. I remember when I didn’t have braces and how crooked my teeth looked.  I am glad my teeth are very straight and my smile is proportional and symmetric with my whole face!  Thanks for the great job, Dr. Ziaja.  A.B.

I love my teeth! 100% worth the expander and braces.  You did an amazing job Dr. Bob!  Thank you for everything.  J.P.

It was a long road, but it was so worth it!  My children have beautiful smiles.  Thank you.  L.C.

Dr. Ziaja does fantastic work.  He and his team make sure your smile is its very best, and although treatment may be longer than expected, especially if you are bad with your rubber bands like me, the results are worth it!  K.W.

The process is very effective and well worth the wait.  My smile is beyond what I could’ve imagined. I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort placed into my teeth.  M.H.

My daughter’s teeth are her best feature thanks to Dr. Bob.  A.L.

I absolutely love my smile.  It was well worth the wait.  I can’t thank you enough for it!  E.C.

It was a long road, but worth the beautiful results. Thanks to all of you!  N.S.

Dr. Ziaja is great – he focused on getting it right, not just getting it done.  It took a little longer than expected, but the end result is certainly worth it.  M.A.

It was a long process but worth the final results.  My daughter has not stopped looking at her teeth or smiling.  M.E.

I love my new smile.  The time spent on treatment was so worth it.  D.W.

Dr. Ziaja has always taken the time to make sure every detail was addressed.  It has been a long process but well worth it.  My daughter now has a beautiful smile!  You Rock Dr. Bob!!!   D.M.

Wonderful results.  Our son and daughter look and feel great about themselves.  T.O.

They (my child’s teeth) are beautiful and I love them.  You guys did a wonderful job and I couldn’t thank you enough for all the hard work and your time!  S.P.

My beautiful smile was well worth the time.  The end result turned out amazing. Dr. Ziaja did an amazing job.  I wouldn’t change it for anything.  M.R.

It was all worth it.  They were there every step of the way and I am so thankful for that!  M.S.

Everyone always tells me that I have perfect teeth.  Thanks to Dr. Ziaja I love my smile!  G.T.

I love my teeth!  They are so beautiful!  It was worth having braces.  A.L.

It was a long journey, but in the end it was worth it.  J.O.

When I first came to Dr. Bob my teeth weren’t even considered a smile, they were so messed up.  But now I have an amazing, beautiful smile all thanks to Dr. Ziaja.  S.N.

It was definitely worth it!  B.L.

Dr. Ziaja and staff have given my daughter such a beautiful smile and a ton of confidence she has never had before!  Thank you.  H.K.

Thank you so much Dr. Bob for the amazing miracle you performed on my jacked up teeth.  My smile is now better than I ever imagined!  S.G.

I love my teeth now!  My smile is beautiful!  J.K.

Dr. Ziaja and his staff set up a very realistic time frame for our daughter’s treatment.  The result was fantastic and she couldn’t be happier with her new smile.  Not the fastest but definitely the best!  S.G.

When my daughter first started she had teeth that did not look like they could be fixed.  Now she has beautiful teeth.  Dr. Ziaja and staff are the best to work with.  P.W.

I love my teeth because Dr. Bob is awesome and did an amazing job with my bite and my teeth.  Thank you Dr. Ziaja and staff!  B.D.

My daughter’s teeth look fabulous!  Thank you Dr. Bob.  J.D.

My daughter’s treatment was lengthy due to her crossbite.  We have trusted Dr. Ziaja to the fullest.  Now her smile and bite is perfect.  Our second daughter has started treatment with doc now and we are confident she’ll turn out perfect too!  B.N.

Thank you for all the time and effort.  My smile turned out great.  I will be smiling all day thanks to you.  T.V.

All I can say is beautiful.  Awesome job, Dr. Bob!  S.Z.

All of the time and, as my son would say, torture, was worth it.  My son’s smile is beautiful, but more importantly, his bite and speech are corrected.  Every visit we made to our general dentist brought a comment about how well our son’s teeth were progressing.  Thank you!  It was reassuring to hear our dentist’s comments.  This was a long process but a great success.  L.M.

My son’s teeth turned out beautiful.  His smile really lights up his face.  It was a long process but well worth the wait.  We really appreciate Dr. Ziaja’s expertise.  D.A.

Dr. Ziaja did an amazing job with my daughter’s teeth.  He is a perfectionist!  Her teeth are beautiful and we are so pleased with the result.  The entire staff is friendly and easy to work with.  V.G.

Quite a change!  They look great and he is extremely happy.  He now realizes how it was all worth it.  H.C.

Awesome!  I love my teeth J  L.F.

Dr. Ziaja gave me a perfect smile.  I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else for my orthodontics.  H.G.

The staff is kind and entertaining.  There is not a bad visit here.  My teeth turned out great.  I would not go anywhere else.  I would recommend Dr. Bob to others.  T.T.

Dr. Ziaja is very precise about his work.  His work is great.  My teeth and my family’s teeth are perfect because of him.  Thank you Dr. Bob!  T.R.

I love my teeth, they look great.  Dr. Bob is a very patient doctor.  C.B.

My teeth look nice!  J. B.

Dr. Ziaja made my teeth shine and look good.  Thanks Dr. Bob.  S.L.

Great family practice.  Staff is friendly and great.  I love my smile and couldn’t ask for better service.  Thank you Dr. Bob and staff for all you did for me!  K.S.

I’m glad I came here.  My teeth look much better than friends who went somewhere else!  My teeth look beautiful!  I am very satisfied with the treatment received.  The staff is wonderful!  I would highly recommend Dr. Ziaja to anyone needing orthodontic care.  S.F.

You guys have done such a nice job on my teeth.  I really love to smile more.  Thank you so much!  I will remember you every time I smile.  D.D.

Love my son’s smile.  A.L.

I felt like you guys did a great job because you clearly helped my teeth.  I’m glad I got braces with Dr. Bob.  B.B.

I am grateful for Dr. Ziaja and his staff.  I am so glad we trusted him with my daughter’s teeth because her smile is absolutely stunning!  S.K.

My teeth look great!  A.G.

Dr. Ziaja was given the large task of helping my daughter’s smile and mouth.  He far exceeded our expectations not only with managing and correcting her magnificent smile, but with his patience and understanding.  We are grateful and highly recommend Dr. Ziaja.  J.H.

I never thought I would see the day my teeth are straight.  This has been a great opportunity for me; I will smile a lot now.  Thank you very much Dr. Ziaja and staff for taking care of me.  M.J.

I love my teeth.  Now I can smile unembarrassed. J  B.J.

We love our son’s smile.  You guys did a good job.  E.H.

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Ziaja since she was a freshman in high school.  She wore an expander and had a big gap in her front teeth.  Now she is a senior with no braces and a beautiful smile.  Thank you Dr. Ziaja.  T.H.

Kaitlyn’s teeth exceeded our expectations.  The best part is what we were told is what we experienced.  Dr. Bob and staff are very personable and professional at the same time.  Dr. Bob treated my daughter’s teeth how he would work on his own daughter.  This was the best experience and results I could have imagined.  T.S.

We truly appreciate the time and detail spent on improving our daughter’s overall smile.  We are very impressed with her results.  J.S.

My daughter’s teeth look real nice.  Dr. Ziaja did a fine job!  M.P.

Dr. Bob and his staff are amazing!  My teeth were a mess when I first came here, but now that he has fixed them, I can’t stop smiling!  Dr. Bob and his staff are one of a kind.  They really take care of you and make you feel like family.  I LOVE DR. ZIAJA!  M.S.

They were very patient and helpful throughout my entire process.  I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you’ve done for me and my teeth.  I LOVE not having bad teeth anymore.  It has helped so much to have them fixed.  A.P.